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Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder $54

* A thin layer of colored powder overlays natural nails to ensure your nails will grow out for 2 weeks without breaking or chipping.

* Include Calcium, vitamins A E D3, and B5 in the formula to keep nails healthy and strong. 

* It is air dry - there will be no UV light.

Dipping Powder Manicure $62

* After overlaying your nails with a beautiful shade of dipping powder, we continue with trimming back your cuticle and lotion massage. 

Dipping Powder w Paraffin treatment $67

* Including trimming back the cuticle, hot paraffin treatment, and lotion massage.

GEL-X (soft gel extension) $60 & Up
*Gel formula requires less abrasion or sanding on the natural mail prior to
application, leading to healthier, stronger natural nails
*Extremely lightweight. Even at XXL lengths, Gel-X feels light and ural on the hands
*Perfectly symmetrical shapes across all 10 fingers withorne lot of filing or dust or measuring, every single time
*No strong monomer odors, no measuring ratio of powders, and no excessive filing is ever needed


Cuticle Treatment $5
French Design $5 & Up
Ombre Design $15 & Up
Extension $5
Long Nail $5 & Up
Special Shapes $5